Come play soccer with us!

The Ribeiro Moojen Soccer Academy offers soccer lessons to elementary schools as an extracurricular activity, all in a flexible, easy and perfectly adaptable structure to your school.

Our after-school structure has proven itself to be very popular with youngsters over the past decade. At the first meeting, our coach will be able to evaluate the needs and abilities of your students. Generally, we organize between 8 to 10 sessions, depending on your availability.

Each session lasts one hour and is dedicated to a specific theme. Topics include: movement coordination, passing, dribbling, shooting and juggling. Each session begins with a warm-up, is followed by a series of drills to work on the theme of the week and ends with a soccer game during which the players will have to practice their new knowledge. If the knowledge and level of play of your students is of a high caliber, it is possible to focus on more advanced techniques and game strategies.

Description of a soccer course

Where: In your school gym.

When: After the last class period OR during lunch time.

Who: Girls and boys, in grades 1 to 6 for a maximum of 25 players per session.

Equipment required: One soccer ball per player, cones and bibs. If your school does not have the necessary equipment (cones and bibs) we will use our own equipment.

Sessions: We organize courses during the fall, winter and spring sessions. This is according to your availability.

Number of sessions: 8 to 10 sessions (depending on the availability of your school).

Length of each session: 1 hour (warm-up, series of exercises on the theme of the week and soccer game).

Attire: Players must be dressed in physical-ed clothing and, if possible, wear soccer shoes and shin guards. If children do not have soccer shoes, they may bring sports shoes.

Fees : Please contact us for more information on our fees.

Class Structure

Our coach will arrive 15 minutes before the start of the session to greet the students. She/He will respect and follow your school's guidelines for the care and safety of players during soccer class time. At the end of the class, our coach will make sure that each student is handed over to the school's care or, if applicable, to the student's caregiver.

Insurance Policy

The Ribeiro Moojen Soccer Academy is committed to purchasing an insurance policy in the event that your school does not cover such an activity.

Information letter for parents and registration form

If you wish, we will provide a parent information letter and registration form, all adapted to the particularities and needs of your school. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.